RI stands for Rosy Intriago INSTITUTE of BIO HEALTH 

RI Institute BIO Health was founded in 2014 by Rosy Intriago.
The reason why Rosy is so committed to biohealth, nutrition and sports is because she comes from a family of leaders community developers, producers and consumers of their own organic natural products and entrepreneurs from many generations, in addition, Rosy has practised multiple sports, such as basketball, cycling and athletic sports, since he was 13 years old.
At a young age, she created her own Bio ports method to maintain and continue the foundation of a healthy person.
Rosy has a master’s degree in Bio Health Sciences and has innovated a healthy living method to regain the foundation of health through bio nutrition, bio sports, bio cosmetics and products.
The RI Institute offers individual consultations, in-person and online group training and international conferences related to gender BIO Health, BIO nutrition, Bio sports and BIO cosmetics.BIO cosmetics.





Health Investigation

Symptoms, diseases of the Human Being.

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Bio Health and Development

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Consultation on  Bio Health issues

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