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RI Institute is an organization that focuses on Bio health services and organic products that contributes to the body to obtain a healthier lifestyle.


RI Institute offers individual consultations, face-to-face & online group training, and international conferences related to bio health topics.
We also lay our focus on the creation of organic lifestyle products such as cosmetics & organic products.

Background Information Esmeralda Organic cacao

The cacao Esmaralda is from Esmeraldas, Ecuador which is known for being the first producer, the birthplace, and the home of cacao in the world. Esmeraldas is one of the most administrative, economic, financial, and commercial centres of Ecuador. The main activities of the province are commerce, livestock, industry, and agriculture. Much of the economy depends on the export of cacao.
Rosy Intriago, the founder, and initiator of RI Institute is Ecuadorian, originally from Esmeraldas-Muisne, Puerto Nuevo. Puerto Nuevo is a small village where all the products to consume grows in a natural way. Rosy lived part of her life in Puerto Nuevo, which is a developed village,

Rosy’s father is currently 75 years old, but he has been working on the development of the community since he was 30 years old, now Rosy would like to continue that legacy. She does that by indulging herself in the production of organic products such as the cacao. She supports the producers that produce this cacao by investing on education for ideas to come with new products and put themselves in the market, but also by investing in facilities for the production.

The products that we offer of this cacao are the sundried cacao beans, cacao nibs and pure produced cacao paste. The characteristics of the cacao paste on the skin are hydrating and moisturizing, you use it to exfoliate dead skin. Besides using the cacao paste on your skin, you can also use this to make chocolate milk, which you can do by mixing the cacao paste with warm milk and some sugar. The flavour of the chocolate milk is different than your usual, after tasting you will notice the peculiar characteristic taste and see that it comes with a soft touch and brings a pleasant aroma.

Types of products

The 100% natural organic cocoa paste that comes in different shapes is the base to prepare any gastronomic and cosmetic products. The gastronomic products are cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, handmade chocolates, cocoa bars, cocoa milk.

The cosmetic products are shampoo and conditioners, bath soap, sunscreen, cocoa for massage, cocoa keratin for hair, moisturizing lipstick for lips, cocoa cream for body, moisturizing cream for eyelashes, exfoliant cream for face and body, base makeup for face, and colour palette for face and body, base makeup for face, and colour palette for face.

“Rosy Intriago Organic lifestyle products”


Bags: 1 kg Cacao beans: 50 euros per kilo                              Pouches: 1/5/10/15/25/50 kg

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Our missions for providing

Our missions are to contribute to better living circumstances for the farmers that produce this cacao and to encourage people in living organically which is better for the health of the body.

Promote a healthy lifestyle through nature by proper use of nature in an effective way. Start a conscious movement on how to prevent and reuse our food waste. Promote the innovation of self-made natural products.

We contribute to better living and production circumstances for the farmers by offering fair prices, which will be an increase of 50% of the domestic price and human fair trade. With human fair trade, we approach the farmers directly without anyone in between, and by giving them a fair price, they can obtain better facilities to produce their products.

RI Institute pursued a project in which they guided farmers on how to transform various unique organic products and raw materials in a branch with their own cacao. Due to this project and the investments surrounding it, the farmers are experiencing a positive impact and benefiting from it in the long run. Their products being one-of-a-kind, gave them a better position in the market and improved their lives.

At the moment we are working with 4.200 producers of organic cacao and different organic products from the north, south, and central of Esmeraldas province. The producers are able to deliver one container of dry cacao each month with the amount of 12.000 boxes of 50 kilograms of cacao.

Gradually more producers are joining our project.

Trainings examples in Puerto Nuevo zone Muisne Esmeraldas

Trainings examples in Puerto Nuevo zone Muisne Esmeraldas

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