The Art of Birth. Pregnancy and the different phases. Stress-free pregnancies Pain-free deliveries.

The Art of Birth. Pregnancy and its different phases.

Stress-free pregnancies and pain-free deliveries.

Since when does life begin?
Life begins 3 months before human creation.

Pregnancy has different phases as we all know, what we are not aware of is how to act in each phase.

✅Does the lifestyle led during pregnancy influence the behavior of babies or children?
Yes, it does influence, since the way of communication between the fetus and the mother is through nutrition, breathing, the heartbeat and the mother’s emotions.

✅The observation of the movements of the fetus and effective communication with the fetus is crucial during pregnancy, if we communicate everything that is done during the day, then by the time they are born they will not be surprised by what they can observe or hear, since during the pregnancy there was a continuous effective communication on the part of the mother.
It is of crucial importance that there is effective communication with the fetus from the first days of pregnancy.

✅What is a stress-free pregnancy and pain-free delivery?
A pregnancy without stress and labor without pain is the most normal and unique thing that can happen to a woman, since observation, feeling and effective communication play the main role during the nine months and that is how the practice of a painless delivery (Humanized Delivery) and the practice of preparation especially in the last phase.

✅Does pregnancy influence the behavior of children and children in the different phases?
Indeed yes, according to the lifestyle that is led during pregnancy then it is the behavior of the baby once it is born.
✅Example: Many times we hear people say that babies are born “crybabies” and we always try to silence them with food.
Answer: No baby cries because she wants to, it is simply because he does not feel his mother’s heartbeat, he is afraid or because he does not hear her mother’s voice.

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Postpartum, Emotions, emotional blocks, Bio nutrition, how to recover your normal size in 6 weeks.

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