Health & Wellness. Bio Cosmetics and Bio Products

The Art of Living a Healthy Life.

Health and Well Being: Bio Cosmetics and Bio Products

Bio Cosmetics: What cosmetic product is suitable for our skin?
Did you know that the cosmetics that cause irritation to your skin are not consistent with the nutritional products you eat every day?

To be able to recognize when a cosmetic product has additives that can irritate your skin, it is necessary to have professional knowledge of Bio Products.

BIO Product: Professional knowledge about the types of products that you use in Bio nutrition, Bio Sports and Bio cosmetics are of the utmost importance, since according to the products you eat as food and the cosmetics you use externally, they depend on 90% of your health and Well Being.

We conclude the introduction of the services offered by RI Instituto en Bio Sciences de la Salud.

We are here to serve you, you can make your inquiries virtually from any country.

Next Training BIO Cosmetics and Bio Products


Health and Well Being Bio Cosmetic Training
Knowledge of the body membranes
Structure and functions of the skin
How to treat the different skin symptoms
Recognize the type of cosmetics accepted by your skin
Explanation on the basis of the products to use in bio Cosmetics
From the practical creation of moisturizer
Explanation to create your own brand in natural organic bio cosmetic

This and much more you will learn in the Bio Cosmetics training

Salud y Bien Estar Capacitación Bio Cosmetica. Restaura tú piel con productos 100% Biologicos Natural.

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