Introduction of the new blog and website of RI Instituto en Bio Ciencias Médicas.

Today, January 28, 2021, a new stage begins at the RI Institute in Medical Biosciences.

Through this biographical video the introduction of the blog and website with educational topics in Medical Bio Sciences is made.

For 4 consecutive weeks, RI Instituto will be publishing a topic per week in education on the health of the Human Being, starting from the procreation of the Human Being and the care that can be taken during the different phases of pregnancy until the birth of the baby.

Diseases in babies and the influence of parents.
Communication of children, adolescents and parents.
Personal development.
Emotional blocks.
Diseases, symptoms in the Human Being.

How to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Personalized plan to completely re-stabilize your health in 6 weeks.

Welcome all those interested who wish to learn to take care of their health in an easy, simple and effective way.
Take advantage of these 4 introductory weeks, since afterwards you will only be able to access educational information through our membership.

Now you can make your appointment directly with the institute’s specialists, we will explain how you can do it over the course of these 4 weeks.

A big hug for everyone!

Enjoy the second part of Rossy’s Videography

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