Have you been diagnosed with any disease, pathology or do you have a few extra kilos?

HEALTH RE-STABILIZATION PLAN! 1.-Through a professional plan guided for 6 weeks you can re-establish your health, receiving the education, necessary knowledge and putting into practice everything that is explained to you each week during the training.2.- The results in your health are visible from the second samana of the plan.3.- Consultations, trainings or conferences are given internationally in a virtual...

Consultas Capacitaciones y Conferencias servicios virtuales.

Nuestros servicios en salud y Bienestar estan ya disponibles por medio de esta pagina web.No dude en ponerce en contacto con nostros.Somos un grupo de Latinas Americanas radicadas en Holanda ofreciendo servicios profesionales de modo vidtual en diferentes idiomas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppZU0JJVUEU CONTACTANOS:info@riinstitute.org+3162827657www.riinstitute.org

Health & Wellness. Bio Cosmetics and Bio Products

The Art of Living a Healthy Life. Health and Well Being: Bio Cosmetics and Bio Products Bio Cosmetics: What cosmetic product is suitable for our skin? Did you know that the cosmetics that cause irritation to your skin are not consistent with the nutritional products you eat every day? To be able to recognize when a cosmetic product has additives that can irritate...

The art of living a healthy bio life Bio Nutrition and Bio Sport.

Health & WellnessTHE art of living a healthy bio life Did you know that learning to take care of our own health is a simple, easy and efficient art? Health is an issue that has always been of the utmost importance and currently much more. 1. Bio Nutrition It is extremely important to have professional knowledge about nutrition and the products that we...

Emotional health and the influence on the different phases and health of the human being.

Second blog article RI Institute in Bio Medical Sciences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWEPPpF7DUY EMOTIONAL GENETICS It is extremely important to be aware of the influence of emotional genetics on the health of the Human BEING.Starting from the perinatal phase, it is necessary to be aware that all emotional experiences, whether positive or negative during pregnancy, are absorbed by the fetus with a high percentage of...

Introduction of the new blog and website of RI Instituto en Bio Ciencias Médicas.

Today, January 28, 2021, a new stage begins at the RI Institute in Medical Biosciences. Through this biographical video the introduction of the blog and website with educational topics in Medical Bio Sciences is made. For 4 consecutive weeks, RI Instituto will be publishing a topic per week in education on the health of the Human Being, starting from the procreation...

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